Which century is your IAM system built for?

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a topic that is receiving an increasing level of interest. Many organizations are facing challenges with their current systems and processes, including:

  • Slow or complicated employee on-boarding
  • Increasingly mobile and outsourced workforces
  • Remaining compliant with new legislation
  • Poor experiences breaking established processes
  • Identifying the easiest areas for improvement

If you think it might be time to take a second look at your current IAM system or improve your IAM processes, be sure to download our IAM guide before you do anything.

What's discussed in our IAM guide?


Fulfillment is the process of providing users with the needed access rights, licenses, etc. Fulfillment can be automated, referred to as provisioning, or require manual actions by service personnel.

Directory Services

IAM systems need to store and use large amounts of data relating to every user. Directory services are used to centralize and consolidate all of this data from your various systems, including CRMs, ADs, and more.

Reporting & compliance

As regulations surrounding data protection increase, IAM systems will continue to face greater scrutiny. The need to easily create reports and audit these systems is no longer a benefit but a necessity.

Advanced Automation

IAM systems need automation past provisioning. Repeat and simple tasks such as approvals, password resets, and more could overwhelm service desks in a matter of minutes if not automated.


IAM systems do not operate in a vacuum of IT. They are directly related to other databases and systems. Many legacy systems can cause issues with the digitalization of services, slowing down, or stoping organizational development.

IAM trends and considerations

Other notable trends that every organization should consider when evaluating their IAM system include:

  • Cloud and service-based software
  • Mobile and outsourced workforces
  • Increased legislation
  • User experience and processing speed

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