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Efecte’s Virtual Coach is an AI-powered assistance feature that enables support agents to help customers faster and spend less time on routine issues. Giving support teams more time for strategic initiatives. The Virtual Coach shows similar issues such as similar incidents or related solutions using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

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Understand issues with NLP

Efecte's Virtual Coach combines AI-powered algorithms to analyze issues and make suggestions helping your support agents to:

  • Identify resolutions or similar incidents
  • Gauge your organization's data for future projects
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Suggest Similarly Issues

Efecte's Virtual Coach provides agents with similar issues and includes a visual and numeric confidence rating helping them to:

  • Identify and assess suggestions faster
  • Use vast knowledge bases effectively
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Identify solutions and duplicate issues

Efecte's Virtual Coach can improve agent efficiency by speeding up processing and eliminating duplicate work allowing them to:
  • Work on new or complex issues or incidents
  • Improve the collaboration of tasks between agents

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